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India 1969-70 And 2020 and Holidaying in Afghanistan

Updated: May 18, 2020

In this episode, father and daughter, Iain and Jane Craigie talk about life in India from 1969-72, holidaying in India’s hill stations, into the Hindu Kush and Afghanistan. Their return to India in February 2020, and why GCHQ had, and still has, an interest in the region.  The conversation spans who the intelligence ‘targets’ were - India and Russia - and how the terrain made ‘listening’ extremely challenging. Iain and Jane also talk through the Indian caste system, the religious tensions, which still exist, and how you identify a spy at a cocktail party!

NB - addendum - East Pakistan became Bangladesh (not West as Jane said in the podcast). 

Circa 1972
Travels in the Hindu Kush as a family

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